Friday, February 25, 2011

Better Now than Never

These are for Shannon since she suggested I still post my Halloween decorations.
The leaf garland around the door is from Joa

All the real pumpkins were from Wal-mart.
The wicker lighted pumpkins were from Hobby Lobby.
The fake crows were from the Halloween costume store.
The black lanterns were from Trees and Trends when it was still open. I almost spray painted them before Halloween and then I saw my inspiration picture and decided to keep them for Halloween. The black urns are from Home Depot.

This is my inspiration picture from Pottery Barn of course.
On a side note, I hope you can see these pictures. On my last post there are some blue squares with question marks. Anyone know why?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Before and After Chair


This chair was one of my last flea market finds. I've kind of shied away from any more big project/finds just because they are so time consuming and time is hard to find these days. I use to see some things and say,"I can make that look just like that one thing for a quarter of the price." Now it's, "Well maybe I should just buy it cause then it won't sit in my garage for 6 months."
Well it took me about six months or so to get this chair done, it could have been more. It sat in my garage for about 5 months and 3 weeks and then the other week I started stripping the white and gold paint off of the wood frame. I originally was going to sand it, but the details on the wood were so little that I couldn't get in all the cracks with a sander. And after stripping it I realized how much paint was on the chair too. It took me about a week of about two hours each day applying stripper from a spray can. I started with one that you apply with a brush but that wasn't very affective. So I used this spray kind, Klean-Strip brand:


I placed the chair on layers of plastic and paper to protect the floor, but if you have a thick drop cloth that would have worked better. The stripper is very potent and chemically.
I sprayed it on and let it sit for about 20 min. then came back with a plastic scrapping tool and started to scrape the paint off. I repeated this step probably four times.
When I got to the last couple of times I used a wired brush to get some paint out of the fine details like the flowers and arm handles.
My plan was to get all of the paint off but I had repeated previous the step so many times that I was going to leave it as a weathered look.
I ended up taking it outside too, and spraying it off with the sprayer on the hose because some of those pieces just wouldn't come off cleanly after rubbing down with a clean dry cloth.
Keep in mind this was all before I took it to the re-upholsterer. So I didn't mind if anything, including the chemicals and water got on that fabric.
Then I ended up rubbing on a teak oil to finish it off (from Lowes)


before it got reupholstered, so it won't stain the white fabric. I thought about using a wood stain, but I'm kind of into the whole unfinished wood look right now, and I couldn't find a stain color that I could commit too.
And that's the latest project. Let me know if you have any questions if you are thinking about redoing any furniture. Happy Wednesday.
PS- Is this text font hard to read? I really love it but let me know what you think.