Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone! Hope you have a joyous Christ filled week.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas decorations!

I'm back, but I can't promise anything. I'm sorry I'm so bad at keeping up with this. I have so many ideas that I want to put on here, if only I had the time and knew exactly how get it all on here. With that said, I would love to back track and show you the Halloween and Thanksgiving decoration pictures, but since it is Christmas already let's just go with that. I've done most of my decorationg, which includes the mantle, the tree, and the dining room table. I'm working on the front door/steps still so I don't have any pictures of that and I will try my best to get those on here a little later. I went with a Gold sort of vintage/woodland theme this year. It all started with my Santa and sign on my front door that I will definitely put up with the front door pictures.
He cam from TJMaxx for 7.50 I think on sale for half off.

My gold mirror cam from Hobby lobby $25, half off of course,. Never pay full price at Hobby Lobby, it will always go on sale. My magnolia wreath came from target last year, I can't remember how much and I bought a bunch of ribbon from Oops for $2.50 a roll and used some on the tree, made bows for the dogs for Christmas pictures, and then on some other wreaths I am going to hang in the kitchen. The gold plates were my Grandmothers. It's really hard for me to get rid of things especially if they have sentimental value, but I had no use for them until now and I really didn't even plan on using them ever. The stocking came from TJMaxx also, $12 a piece.

I made these out of old little boxes from medicines, eye drops, etc., that I had kept all year just to make these ornaments. I got the idea last year from another design blog. Then I wrapped them in pages from an old book I got for free a long time ago and tied it with some twine and ribbons.

The spools were in my entertainment shelves. I bought them from some flea markets for about $6 each.
Times ran out, nap time is over. Dining room table and outdoor to come. Cross your fingers.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Getting Things Done...I Promise!

I know I've been M.I.A. lately. I'm not sure anyone has noticed, but I have been getting a lot of stuff done here at the Modern Farmhouse. Really, I promise I have. I've been doing everything from handy work to decorating. I will post pictures shortly. But here is what you have to look forward to: Dining room, bathroom, living room, bedroom. Okay, so maybe all the rooms in the house but a couple. And maybe just parts of the room too. So here is one sneek peek. And there should be a few before and afters too. I love comments too, so let me know what you think! yah!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Julie & Julia

Well, I've been slowly getting things done here at the modern farmhouse but today I thought I might relax and watch a movie. I headed to one of my new favorite spots in the nursery to watch the movie. (I will be showing you more of this room in the future)

I watched Julie & Julia with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams, and I liked it.

I rented something Adam wouldn't feel left out if I watched it without him. It was really entertaining especially since I'm new at this blogging. It's about a women who blogs about going through Julia Childs cook book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, in 365 days and there are 500 and some recipes. By the way this movie was based on two true stories and around 2003, I didn't even know there was blogging then. Where have I been. So any of you fellow bloggers or non blogger,s I would recommend it. I especially enjoy cooking when I do find the time to, so I think I maybe going to get that cook book.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Which Room?

So I'm a little guilty of shopping too much, but anyone can say that right? ; )
Well, it's a little embarrassing when you try and avoid eye contact with the workers because I can just imagine what is going through their head,
"Wasn't she just in here like yesterday?"

Well it was last week if you really had to know. But they get new things all the time. Any who. I never thought I would be a fan of TJ Maxx but I have found myself there more and more this year and I don't even think that I had ever been to one prior to the past two or so years. I'm kind of the hunt and find type of person and that is definitely a hunt and find store. So here is a couple things I found.
This will probably going in the living room in the TV cabinet

This blanket will either go in the master bedroom or in or hallway room on the daybed I don't have a mattress for

These washcloths are going in the master bathroom. I love all the colors, they make me long for springtime.

These two rugs will either be in the entry, daybed room, or our room. I haven't quite decided.
That's usually how my finds go, my rule of thumb is:
If you'd like this in more than one room of your house, it is probably ok to go ahead and get it.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Two things TJ Maxx:
One- you need bigger carts especially if you have a carseat to lug around
Two- you need automatic sliding doors so I can come and go with a carseat and a basket full of goodies. Or at least have someone open the door for me when you see me struggling:)

Friday, January 29, 2010

New at this!

So I'm posting twice in one day, kinda crazy but I'm trying to make this a little prettier for you to look at so I signed up for a blog makeover giveaway and you can check it out too here.

Late like usual...but here we go!

So...I decided to start one. Here it goes...I'm calling it TheModernFarmhouse! This blog will be mostly about our family of three's journey in our new house and making it into The Modern Farmhouse. Now it might be a slow process because having a kid a month after you move is kind of crazy, but we like it that way. Stay tuned I've got a lot to show if you'd like to see!Gorgeous Setting in Fayetteville, AR