Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Which Room?

So I'm a little guilty of shopping too much, but anyone can say that right? ; )
Well, it's a little embarrassing when you try and avoid eye contact with the workers because I can just imagine what is going through their head,
"Wasn't she just in here like yesterday?"

Well it was last week if you really had to know. But they get new things all the time. Any who. I never thought I would be a fan of TJ Maxx but I have found myself there more and more this year and I don't even think that I had ever been to one prior to the past two or so years. I'm kind of the hunt and find type of person and that is definitely a hunt and find store. So here is a couple things I found.
This will probably going in the living room in the TV cabinet

This blanket will either go in the master bedroom or in or hallway room on the daybed I don't have a mattress for

These washcloths are going in the master bathroom. I love all the colors, they make me long for springtime.

These two rugs will either be in the entry, daybed room, or our room. I haven't quite decided.
That's usually how my finds go, my rule of thumb is:
If you'd like this in more than one room of your house, it is probably ok to go ahead and get it.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Two things TJ Maxx:
One- you need bigger carts especially if you have a carseat to lug around
Two- you need automatic sliding doors so I can come and go with a carseat and a basket full of goodies. Or at least have someone open the door for me when you see me struggling:)

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  1. Hehee, you make me laugh Helgs! Especially the part about being the hunt and find type person, made me think of the trips we used to take to the mall, we would spend hours there and you would end up with like one shirt, then you would decide to return it. Good times! Cute finds from TJ Maxx =) I always find something there that while I am not quite sure where it will go, I buy anyway.